BacNet Testing in Simulated Lab Setting

Sentrics Completes BACNet Prototype in Partnership with College of DuPage

In conjunction with the College of DuPage HVAC lab and a partnership with Innovation Dupage, Sentrics successfully applied the advanced monitoring and analytics to a combined set of data from both BACNet and wireless temperature and humidity sensors.

The system relied on Contemporary Controls BACNet hardware and routers and attached for continual readings that were simulated in the lab.  Tests included the following to emulate conditions in a cold storage warehouse.

  • Simulated temperature and humidity spikes which would cause strain on a cooling system
  • Multi-Variable readings at high intervals (1 second) for internal readings and lower intervals (1 minute) for external readings
  • A realistic BACNet network simulating an array of control systems, with 7 Freezer/Fridge Control Systems
  • Simulation data was based on real-world conditions observed in freezer and refrigerator cold warehouse settings

The system was able to visualize and monitor conditions as expected.  The advanced monitors were conducted and responded within a small window (5 seconds) to offer an immediate action/alert for that condition.

This proved the Sentrics platform can ingest and could perform the monitoring capabilities in this mixed set of sensors with different characteristics in terms of sensor type, shape of data and the protocol used.  It was accomplished with minimal setup time and costs.  No added code or adapters were required and configuration was specific to the platform itself.

We appreciate the time and partnership required to accomplish this test.