Mitigate Spoilage in Food Distribution Via Actionable Sensor Analytics

For those in the industry of distributing food goods, you face a wide variety of risk factors that have a direct effect on your ability to safely deliver this cargo on time and in compliance, especially via ground transportation. As internal and external challenges continue to apply pressures on already thin margins they can create difficult scenarios where allocated budgets, investments in existing supply chain and warehouse technology systems, and emerging pain points and needs are put at odds.  

It is critical that options emerge to enable your organization to capitalize on the opportunity to alleviate costly pain points without diminishing your current technology stack or breaking your budgets. More importantly, how can you effectively utilize these emerging options to eliminate these challenges in specific and value-driven scenarios that span your distribution process: One example is the prevention of high-cost spoilages across your fleet.

Sentrics is honing in on how to work within these scenarios and has come up with some exciting solutions. Being specific for the sake of this blog post, we’ll focus on some of our work to address the visibility and actionability required to de-risk the event of spoilage in the distribution of food goods, within multi-zone refrigerated freight trucks. Our actionable sensor analytics layer has enabled the ability to:

  • Utilize open standards to collect valuable sensor data for location and temperature within the various refrigeration zones
  • Distill complex sensor signals and combine with data from other tracking sources to generate insights:
    • Determine patterns based on a view into what temperature range is appropriate for a particular zone on the trailer
    • Generate an understanding of those signals and translate them into a single graphical view
  • Aggregate this information into a central repository for further evaluation – immediate and longer-term analysis (i.e. alerting and audit compliance)
  • Combine this data with existing warehouse management systems to identify product more susceptible to spoilage
  • Enable real-time analytics to trigger customizable events via warehouse management systems, to launch the actions required to mitigate or prevent spoilage of the identified load

It is our goal to continually optimize your industrial operations through actionable sensor analytics – one value added use case at a time!  To learn more about our offerings within food distribution or other industrial verticals, contact the team at [email protected] or give us a call at (844) 436-2569.

– The Sentrics Team