PART 1: How Valuable is Your Sensor Data: 3 Key Questions to Consider

Organizations of all sizes are increasing their efforts in becoming a more data-driven operation through the use of commodity sensors. Whether that’s taking that initial first step into implementing a sensor technology that can collect new data sets or extending the scope of an existing strategy, the end goal is the same – real-time data providing meaningful and actionable insight into their operations. Quantifiably valuable data!

The data generated from a wide array of sensors can enable critical, point in time analytics to operations management, open up new insights over long term trends in asset health, and serve as a foundational component in guiding informed strategies in moving from a preventative maintenance approach to one that’s much more proactive. Unfortunately, most organizations fail to realize these benefits to their fullest extent.

There are very costly, yet very common pitfalls around the execution of these strategies that are largely to blame. To avoid them, organizations need to challenge the boundaries of many existing “solutions” and take a serious look into the following three key questions:

  • Am I collecting relevant data across my entire operation, or do gaps exist?
  • Is this data being collected and made accessible in real-time?
  • Is my view of this data insightful and immediately actionable?

At Sentrics, we’re working with organizations to help maximize these hardware investments and avoid common pitfalls that hinder value and ROI that should be achieved through a more data-driven strategy across maintenance and operations, at any phase. Your sensor data is only as valuable as the tooling around it – answering these questions is just the first step into leveraging your sensor data to its fullest capacities!

Stay tuned for PART 2 of this series, where we dig a bit deeper into these questions and provide helpful tips in challenging common practices and data solutions…

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–  The Sentrics Team