We realized early on that monitoring one variable or even seeing two measures side-by-side isn’t enough to get the job done. Example: Motor monitoring and benchmarking is best done with temperature AND vibration; anything that moves needs location alongside the variable of interest. In staying true to our core belief of making it easy, the Sentrics platforms visualization tools enable any user to quickly select and compare data from multiple sensors.

When you setup a sensor, you can “tag” it with any labels of your choice. For instance, for a temperature sensor, you may specify the plant location, the equipment number, and the process type. These tags allow you to easily filter and select the appropriate data sets for monitoring and review without having to have a separate log of sensors. Then the fun begins…

Sentrics’ multi-sensor visualization tool enables you to create overlaid graphs of multiple data sets and set these up as dashboards for further review. Here are some of the cases you may want to try:

  • Comparing machinery: if you have a bank of equipment or want to compare a new piece of machinery to another, simply overlay their information and look for similarities or discrepancies.
  • Process evaluation: you can easily find patterns between different process parameters, like if a refrigeration pump is kicking on due to external temperature, by selecting through sensors of interest and creating dashboards for those that show patterns.
  • Improved monitoring: real-time graphs that show multiple variables, like temperature and vibration for a motor, can help you determine more easily determine the overall health of the machine and which variable is a leading indicator to monitor.

It’s also important to mention that the use cases mentioned as well as many others, of course, also include the ability to set up warnings, alerts, and other real-time notifications around parameters of your choice – enabling timely action and intervention to avoid costly incidents and downtime. The most relevant data is great – making it actionable is even better!

We’re constantly improving these tools and welcome your feedback. How will you want to use these tools, and how can we make it even easier for you?

The Sentrics Team